Actually Blogging? What?

Yeah, it’s definitely not a revolutionary concept, but a good friend once described blogs as ”homework for your friends” and I thought, “Yeah, yeah, she’s so right.”


But she doesn’t have to read this so meow. Anyway, my friend Jammers told me to blog and she has brought me both cheesecake and alcohol in the last few months. We have a clear winner in the battle to peer pressure me.

"Her reward is my hanging around her like a stray cat she fed. I am the real winner here.

Her reward is my hanging around her like a stray cat she fed. I am the real winner here.

Also, I figure a blog will keep me accountable regarding art and writing because I’m committing to writing at least one new post a week in addition to what I’ll call a “Sunday Summary,” i.e. a weekly report of my (in)activity of word counts, story submissions, art projects finished, etc.

And as for the other posts? The longer posts will cover what it’s like to be an artist and/or a writer today by talking about:

stereotypes of creative folk (baristas, anyone?)

portrayals of artists and writers in the media (let me tell you about my huge crush on Californication’s Bates and my profound loathing of one Lena Dunham)

I don't want to look at you.

I don’t want to look at you.

how being an artist-writer works with other aspects of my own lifestyle, like minimalism (moderatism? I have a lot of books. Like a lot.) and fitness

my own personal projects and process

eventually what it’s like to be a self-employed writer, which I am, but only after I feel more sure of it and less like I’m running about in the dark just trying to not touch anything sticky

In the short term, you can expect to see a post about “Karas,” the story now up on Bartleby Snopes, as well as actual art I’ve made, possibly in the form of posts but definitely on the pages allocated for it.  Also, snark and GIF’s.  Mostly, you’ll get to read about me trying to work out how to be happy by pursuing the life I want in a world that would prefer I become a pharmacist. And I intend to try at least as hard as this kitten.

Because I am this kitten. That was a lie--I'm sorry to have broken your trust this early.

Because I am this kitten. That was a lie–I’m sorry to have broken your trust this early.


Why a blog?

Frankly, I’m starting this because I just got news that a short story of mine will be published by Bartleby Snopes in June and I like it better when the authors have a link I can click.  Because I like to cyberstalk them.  It’s what the internet’s for–let’s be honest.

To endear myself to you, potential dear reader, I cried when I got the acceptance notice.  I basically sobbed out of happiness and then I started laughing at myself because I understand crying out of happiness, but sobbing out of happiness?  Who does this?  Apparently, me.

Dear reader, I do believe I scared the cats.